All Aboard!

KIDDISH_0419_PurimThirty-five Jewish teens from Orange County School of the Arts, TVT Community Day School, The Waldorf School, Woodbridge High School and more on a sunset cruise from Lido Village to celebrate the forthcoming Purim holiday. Breakfast-for- Dinner was served with a ‘pajama costume only’ dress code. Teens enjoyed live DJ music, henna tattoos by local artist Erica Wolfsen, a build-your-own waffle bar and much more, all while connecting to and celebrating their faith. The Purim holiday teaches female heroics, pride in your identity and the power of an individual – all relevant and timely lessons for the youth of today. CTeen Irvine, a project of the international Chabad Teen Network, aims to empower teens to lead the next generation with integrity, pride and an important focus on the individual’s power to change the world. To learn more about CTeen Irvine, contact Rabbi Dov and Lulu via (562) 348-7155 or

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