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Why be Jewish?

“Why Be Jewish?” With Purim having just passed by, that was definitely one of our top selling points. I dressed up in costume, was completely carefree for an evening, and took shots with my rabbi. Uh…score! We also have Chanukkah, and since everybody loves presents and fried food, who wouldn’t want to be Jewish? However, for an outsider looking to ... Read More »

Jewish Storytelling, at Passover and Year-round

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The SIGHTS, SOUNDS, and smells of holidays so often evoke memories of our childhood. Reciting the four questions, retelling the ancient tale of the Exodus through the Haggadah, and singing “Dayenu.” Gefilte fish avoided. Hillel sandwiches with charoset (chopped fruit and nuts), maror (bitter herbs), and matzoh are devoured, leaving crumbs for miles. It’s a chance to stay up late, ... Read More »

A Call to Action

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It’s no Secret that intolerance is on the rise in America, especially against the Jewish community. The messages that Passover provides are more valuable now than ever. How do we conduct a Seder that refrains from silencing the past and recognizes the suffering of the present? How do we take a more active role and not let another holiday just ... Read More »

Dayenu? Passover in the Age of Division

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WE’RE  ABOUT to celebrate a holiday which commemorates the exodus from a land ruled by a megalomaniac who built large monuments to himself and then failed to pay his laborers. This should be fun. Family gatherings are always fraught with melodramas and decades-old wounds that won’t heal. But in 2017, Passover is plagued with so much more: Political tensions, incredulousness ... Read More »

The Zivotofsky Passport Case 

For us, as Jews, the easiest question in the world is: “Name the capital of Israel.”  The answer is so obvious that it need not even be stated here. Dr. Ari Zivotofsky is one of the most interesting Jewish minds in the world. Born in New York and educated in Long Island, he studied for rabbinical ordination, and also is ... Read More »

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