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Hamilton & the Hebrew Hammer

This Summer, we were blessed to take our tribe to Israel. We explored as much of the country as a one-month visit would allow, cramming into our rented Chevy Orlando every day for an epic trek across the Holy Land. As can be expected of a vehicle in Israel, the Orlando seats a family of five uncomfortably and has the ... Read More »

What We Teach Our Children

IT WAS A recent encounter at the dentist. She was a Jewish teenager, together we were waiting with trepidation of the drill that awaited us inside. She talked of her dreams, telling me the colleges she hoped to attend and a career path she planned.  Finally, I asked, what about getting married and having a family. Her reaction surprised me, ... Read More »

Israel & Christmas

SOMETIMES CHRISTMAS COINCIDES with Hanukah, sometimes it doesn’t. Last year it did, this year it doesn’t. This lack of contiguity matters a good deal to American Jews but largely goes unnoticed in the Jewish State.  In America, when December 25th falls within one of the eight days of Hanukah, Jews are in sync with their surrounding culture–they celebrate at the ... Read More »

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

CHILDREN HAVE BEEN given many titles, including “G-d’s Gift to Our Family,” “Adorable Leeches,” “Ungrateful Miniatures of Their Parents,” “Little Devils,” “Little Angels,” “Mommy’s Little ‘Oopsie,’” and “Tiny Miracles.” One of my favorites is “The Gift That Keeps on Taking,” and this particular title immediately had me thinking of the holiday season. When December rolls around, multicultural holiday celebrations ensue. ... Read More »


AS HARD AS the advertising companies in this corner of the world may try, Christmas just doesn’t have the marketing appeal that it does in the West. It isn’t that Christmas doesn’t happen here; Jerusalem is where the entire episode unfolded. For anyone who wants to re-live the birth, life, death and/or tale of Jesus replete with mangers, Magi and  ... Read More »

The New Face of Hillel  

THE OVERALL IMPORTANCE of Hillel become evident when we consider that Jewish life on a college campus is becoming increasingly multifaceted and dynamic. Jewish college students are constantly trying to figure out how to fit their Jewish identity into their busy lives as students and newly fledged adults. Inevitably, during this foundational and exciting point of their young careers, Jewish ... Read More »

The Real Miracle of Hanukkah

AS HANUKKAH APPROACHES, families take out their hanukkiahs, buy candles, since they often can’t find the ones from last year, and get ready for the less than healthy diet of potato latkes and jelly donuts. Ah, but it is only once a year that we celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah. But just what is that miracle? According to the Book ... Read More »

Second Chance Orange County

SECOND CHANCE ORANGE COUNTY (SCOC) is a non-profit charity that provides recovering drug/alcohol addicts important workforce skills taught by experienced professionals free of charge. They help low-income adults recovering from addiction adjust back into society, by providing free job skills training, interview skills, help filling out FAFSA (Federal financial aid forms), one-on-one coaching, mentoring and job placement-they customize the best ... Read More »

Bring the 90s Back (Alright!)

A FEVER OF nostalgia has been going around, and it’s only going to get worse now that the holidays are here. I’m not talking about spinning the dreidel by the candlelight nostalgia. I’m talking about camping out at night to get your hands on one of them Tickle-Me-Elmos or Furbies nostalgia. It appears 90s nostalgia is in full effect! From ... Read More »

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