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Chanukah in the OC

Chanukah always falls on the 25th of Kislev, but that happens early in December this year. Orange County congregations have a lot in store for people, from the traditional to the zany. Check out the ADL brunch before Chanukah and the NextGen/JCC Cares event afterwards too.   Making a Difference   The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Orange County/Long Beach will ... Read More »

Advice & Consent

May I make a suggestion? No, really. I am seeking your consent to offer a criticism couched as helpful advice. I picked up the term of art, advice and consent,” in the context of the U.S. Senate judicial confirmation hearings. While in that venue, advice and consent refers to a Congressional role, I believe it has wider application in our ... Read More »

Dignity, Respect & Dedication

Bonnie Curkin, the founder of Bubbe & Zayde’s Place, is no stranger to helping the elderly or to giving a voice to those who cannot be heard. Growing up in a household where her grandmother lived, she was expected not only to help her grandmother but to give the same sense of dignity and respect to elderly neighbors. Curkin’s mother ... Read More »

Let’s Play More

Consider the following imagining found in the Talmud [Avodah Zarah 3b]: “Rav Yehuda says, there are twelve hours in a day. The first three-hours G-d sits and learns the Torah, the second three-hours he sits and judges the world. The third three- hours G-d feeds the entire world… the fourth three-hour period G-d plays with the Leviathan as it is ... Read More »

Reflections on a Tattooed Jew

I used to do a double-take if I saw a woman with “sleeves,” tattoos all the way up and down her arms. A neck tattoo was something you might see if you visited a prison, nowhere else. But now it is a part of my daily rhythm to interact with employable, contributing members of society who seem to be covered ... Read More »

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