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Kosher Dog


Sometimes you adopt a dog for yourself and other times you do it for God.  At least that is how I justified adopting Carmen Frankenweenie, our Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mixed breed dog. After our beloved Shih Tzu Bella showed signs of impending departure from her earthly realm, I decided to be proactive and find her potential replacement for my ... Read More »

Education Advocates

Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor

TVT Community Day School announced the launching of the Intensive Program (IP) to provide individualized educational support and resources for students with significant learning differences and challenges. Adding to the diversity of TVT’s student body, the IP program will launch in the 2017-18 academic year and will be available for up to eight students in grades 8th through 12th. “TVT ... Read More »

Freedom to Roam


Urban Arts OC a new uniquely creative multimedia space in Newport Beach is the vision of Lynne Kaplan, a South African Born artist and longtime art educator. Lynne felt the need for a space that allowed the artist access to a variety of creative mediums all under one roof. She herself works in in so many different mediums, often integrating ... Read More »

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