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The Lincoln Club Visits Israel

FROM THE SMELLS of saffron wafting through the open-air markets to the numerous sacred sites and the urban and more secular city of Tel Aviv, Israel is dynamic and evolving, historic and holy. It is a place everyone should visit at least once. In early May of this year, the Lincoln Club of Orange County did just that. But this ... Read More »

Rita Rudner & Jason Freddy

AWARD-WINNING COMEDIAN comedian and actress Rita Rudner and Laguna Beach’s resident rock star, cantor Jason Feddy join together for the premiere of the world’s first unromantic comedy at Laguna Playhouse for a limited time only! They say opposites attract. They haven’t met Tom and Wendy. Forced together by a computer error, freewheeling Tom and uptight Wendy do their best to ... Read More »

An unlikely story

ONCE IN A WHILE I have the incredible fortune of speaking with someone who sees a need for change in the community and makes it happen. Dr. Evan Fewsmith is the Founder and President of Pacific Solstice. He holds both a Master’s Degree in Marriage Family and Child Therapy, as well as a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is both ... Read More »


IF YOU’RE LOOKING for Autocorrect, he is indisposed. I arranged to have him put out of my misery. Not permanently – I’m not the violent sort. But he is safely confined to a place where he cannot wreak his mischief on my writings or yours. Since I bought my smart phone, I’ve gotten pretty good at writing composition-quality emails that ... Read More »


IT’S THE TIME of year when we review our achievements of the past twelve months, ponder areas that need improvement and set a course for the new year. As the High Holidays draw near I think about an enigmatic passage in the Talmud that describes the questions asked to a person’s soul when it reaches the heavenly court. The Talmud ... Read More »


I MAKE NO friends when I say this, but I spent the first 40 years of my life never thinking much about my weight. Skinny genes made for skinny jeans. I tell you this so that you can get your loathing out of the way, and I can continue with my tale. Done? Good. When I hit 40, it was ... Read More »


IT RACED BY with tire-screeching fury, resulting in whiplash and motion sickness. My clients shared tales of renting cabins next to Lake Como in Italy and sabbath meals in Switzerland. One friend fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Alaska, and another went on a powerful heritage tour of Poland. The highlights of my summer? One night I ate fish and ... Read More »

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