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Proving to be the “security superpower” to many countries and organizations in the world, Israel has established a longtime reputation for its ability to implement effective security solutions to counter cyber-attacks. Combating threats in every form imaginable from every direction, Israeli security companies have learned to adapt and develop effective methods and systems to deal with such unpredictable circumstances. In ... Read More »

Silver lining

Is that all there is? Then let’s keep dancing. . . .” —Peggy Lee. Unexpected memories from childhood occasionally surface without warning: the barely perceptible milky fragrance of a buttercup, surprising strength of an orange salamander squirming in my child-sized palm, gritty sand in my teeth as I bite into an egg-salad sandwich on the beach. I cherish these delightful ... Read More »


Civic and religious leaders pledge to support each other to combat hate crimes.On a picture-perfect Friday morning, a group of more than 300 people came together at the Civic Center Plaza in Irvine donning “No Place for Hate” stickers and pledging support to one another in the battle against mindless acts of hatred. While the group was as diverse as ... Read More »


In light of the growing anti-Semitism that has surfaced in American discourse and communities, playwright Dr. Alan Brooks’s “A Splintered Soul” could not be timelier. This play examines philosophical questions of morality and ethics, and the effects of the breakdown of social institutions. His play is about Holocaust survivors who have immigrated to San Francisco in 1947. For Dr. Brooks, ... Read More »


Elie Wiesel pointed to the Bible’s opening account in Exodus as the first and enduring expression of antisemitism. A new pharaoh came to power and announced: “Behold, a people- the children of Israel- are numerous and mighty among us. Let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they continue to increase and if a war approaches, they will join with our ... Read More »

Be a Light

Be a light unto the nations.” —Isaiah When a child sees the parent and runs into her arms with the biggest smile on his face, the child’s unmitigated happiness and the parent’s full heart shines a light unto the nations. When a relative from another country comes to visit, walks through customs and up the ramp to see you waiting ... Read More »

Chanukah in the OC

Chanukah always falls on the 25th of Kislev, but that happens early in December this year. Orange County congregations have a lot in store for people, from the traditional to the zany. Check out the ADL brunch before Chanukah and the NextGen/JCC Cares event afterwards too.   Making a Difference   The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Orange County/Long Beach will ... Read More »

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