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Praying with Our Feet

ON SATURDAY MORNING, April 28, I had the privilege of leading members of Temple Beth Tikvah (TBT) on a special Shabbat morning, spent praying with our feet as we participated in the Donate Life walk at Cal State Fullerton. The rabbis teach us that saving one life is like saving the entire world. Organ donation is not just a wonderful ... Read More »

Get Out & Vote

Did you remember that there is an election on June 5th? Of course you did. It’s difficult to miss. We are inundated with ugly signs on every street corner, ambushed by popups on Facebook, and bemused by the mailers that arrive daily. Why do the candidates have to bombard us with reminders about who they are? Are we really that ... Read More »

Jewish Summer Camp

CAMPS ARE NOTORIOUSLY loud and raucous… Jewish camps especially. From the moment your child steps out of your car at drop-off to the moment they step back in they are Israeli dancing and Shabbos shaking to the beats of Jewish camps’ drums. Our day camp is exploding with Jewish values and Israeli culture everywhere you turn. With directional, program and ... Read More »

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