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Ben Stein

WHAT DO YOU get when you cross deadpan delivery with a keen sense of the modern political arena? Well, none other than Mr. Ben Stein. Known in popular culture circles for his extensive body of work in Hollywood, Mr. Stein has also managed a feat many have failed to pull off. He has navigated the rocky terrain of both “Tinsle ... Read More »

Joe & Barbara Baim

CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL is proud to honor Joe and Barbara Baim at its Gala on March 18. Over the past several years, Joe and Barbara Baim – together with The Roslyn & Joseph Baim Family Foundation — have underwritten the cost of bringing numerous “headliners” to the community including Natan Sharansky, Danny Gordis and Peter Beinart. “We believe it is ... Read More »

On Orthodox Judaism’s Rules of Head Covering

IN YESHIVA HIGH SCHOOL we had a genius mathematics teacher who also was an Orthodox rabbi. In our first two years we easily covered four years of high school math, with some college math to boot. Thanks to him, I entered Columbia with the maximum number of credits the college would grant for advanced placement, even though, as life curiously ... Read More »

Different Worlds?

THE HEADLINES PROCLAIM, “Crisis with Israel and Diaspora Jewry.” Articles assert an imminent split between Diaspora Jewry and Israel. Some blame the crisis over the Kotel, religious standards in Israel, or the status of the non-Orthodox movements there. Some decry the lack of momentum on the peace process, others lament the political cooperation between Israel’s government and the present U.S. ... Read More »

Orange You Glad…

I DON’T WANT a Seder plate with a spot for an orange on it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about (join the club), I am referencing the apparently apocryphal tale of an orthodox man who once denounced feminism by saying, “a woman belongs on the bimah like an orange belongs on a Seder plate.” In response, women ... Read More »

Chag Kasher V’samayach

WE ALL HAVE OUR favorite Passover Seder melodies. If we are guests at a Seder where they sing a different melody to that passage of the Haggadah, then it just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes even within one family there can be competing “must sing” versions to the same passage. Often the solution is to sing both versions. Something incredible, however, ... Read More »

First n Foremost

WHAT IS THE difference between a free human being and a slave? We tend to think that it has to do with hard work, toil, effort: a slave works hard under the whip of the task master whereas a free person does not. However some free people work very hard indeed, especially those who enjoy their work. The real difference ... Read More »

Passing Over

FOR 30 YEARS, many Jewish childrenwere hidden in European monasteries and other arms of the Catholic Church during WWII, by parents and other relatives in frantic attempts to save lives. After the war, those who survived along with representatives of various Jewish agencies returned to these Christian safe-havens for children, to reclaim them and return them to the decimated world ... Read More »

Time to Reflect

  Goodbye, have a great day!” And off they go, to classrooms, to sports practices, to choir, to debate, to music – to school. Education, one of the pillars of our society Filled with promise Study hard, put your best efforts forth, tomorrow will be bright AND THEN….. it’s gone! One burst of gunfire by an angry school mate, by ... Read More »

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