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Being able to share this inspirational story, brings happiness to my heart and soul. It is truly a story of courage, selflessness, caring about humanity, Tikkun Olam, chesed, and the very best parental role modelling. As the daughter-in-law of a kidney recipient, I know firsthand how the gift of life can positively impact a family. Catherine Pearlman, a local mother ... Read More »


Undoubtedly, the biggest benefits to camp are friends, fun and memories! However, in addition to dress-up days and water fun, sports, dance, science and play, when we send our children to camp, they also benefit from the opportunity to develop and practice important life skills. Camp offers one of the most powerful learning environments—a place where deep social and emotional ... Read More »

The Merage JCC’s Founding President RETIRES

   Before retiring, Dan Bernstein, founding President/CEO of the Merage JCC, sat down with two of his board members, Doris Chasin, and Irv Chase, to discuss the JCC’s past and future. In their own ways, the three community leaders marveled at what the JCC has become. Irv jumped in with his memories predating the Merage JCC…“In the 90’s my wife ... Read More »

True Love

A congregant told me of a wedding reception where the Hindu priest approached a guest and asked, “Why are you not married?” The young man replied, “I have not yet found true love.” The priest barreled over in laughter and then said, “Only after twenty-five years of marriage can you speak of ‘true love.’” Hearing that account reminded me of ... Read More »

Jewish Chaplain

Rabbi Ari Montanari of Congregation Pirchei Shoshanim in Mission Viejo was concerned that there was nobody in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) representing the specific needs of the Jewish people. While the department has a vibrant chaplain program supporting unincorporated cities in the county, the role of a Jewish chaplain had gone unfilled for many years. In February Rabbi ... Read More »

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