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Securing the Future

“IF YOU WANT Jewish grandchildren and great grandchildren, you need to work on it now,” says Allen Alevy, long time supporter of the Hebrew Academy and several other Jewish organizations. Mr. Alevy’s over 40 year relationship with the Hebrew Academy began in 1975, when then director Rabbi Gershon Schusterman reached out to him for help. Allen jumped right in. That ... Read More »

Back-to-Back Education

Standing on the bimah, sharing an aliyah, celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of Heather Klarin, a student who began her Jewish education at University Synagogue Pre-School and continued through the Religious School, Heidi Kahn and Sue Penn are firm in their commitment to “Back-To-Back Jewish Education.” Not only do they share a friendship that spans 25 years, they have a similar ... Read More »

Repairing the World

The fog was thick as I exited the 55 south, toward Newport Beach. I was on my way to meet with art therapist Diana Shabtai of Art Therapy OC (also known as ‘Miss Dee’). In preparation for the interview, I had researched art therapy and watched a Ted Talk on the subject and so I had an inkling of what ... Read More »

Tweet, Tweet

TOO BIG A job for even the Israeli Army, an infernal battle against pigeons in my pantry is an unwinnable war. Google’s best suggestion is seven drops of both lemon and peppermint oils in a diluted vinegar solution, generously sprayed on perching areas. The pigeons now smell great and have lovely complexions. More have arrived to “the spa.” It started ... Read More »

Sports, Judaism and Israel

SPORTS AND RELIGION in America go together as naturally as motherhood and apple pie. Schools with predominantly religious students field excellent teams in a variety of sports. In America, it is taken for granted that the religious way of life dovetails with the athletic life, sharing as they do such common principles as commitment, self-discipline, and a positive attitude. When ... Read More »

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