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A Pinhole of Perspective

MY LAPTOP CLOSES around midnight once my eyelids feel heavier than the stress of graduate school. No sooner than I kiss my wife goodnight does the morning alarm startle me before the sun has risen. Despite my best efforts, this hectic schedule struggles to become an effortless routine. I quickly scramble out of bed to silence the alarm before further ... Read More »

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

CHILDREN HAVE BEEN given many titles, including “G-d’s Gift to Our Family,” “Adorable Leeches,” “Ungrateful Miniatures of Their Parents,” “Little Devils,” “Little Angels,” “Mommy’s Little ‘Oopsie,’” and “Tiny Miracles.” One of my favorites is “The Gift That Keeps on Taking,” and this particular title immediately had me thinking of the holiday season. When December rolls around, multicultural holiday celebrations ensue. ... Read More »

Seniors Gone Wild


MY 76-YEAR-OLD grandmother, “Nana,” may be the most active Facebook friend I have. Every day, as sure as the sun will rise, I’m guaranteed anecdotes of Nana’s activity via my social media newsfeed. Although she’s still learning to navigate the online world and our interactions often involve lessons about using her smartphone, she’s nonetheless glued to her “pocket-computer” in a ... Read More »

Why be Jewish?

“Why Be Jewish?” With Purim having just passed by, that was definitely one of our top selling points. I dressed up in costume, was completely carefree for an evening, and took shots with my rabbi. Uh…score! We also have Chanukkah, and since everybody loves presents and fried food, who wouldn’t want to be Jewish? However, for an outsider looking to ... Read More »

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