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Meaning & Matzah

Once again, I am going overseas for Pesach to see my children, leaving the husband behind. Because I love him, I prepare the house for Passover so he doesn’t have to play the Wandering Jew. Tired from cleaning before starting, I asked myself, “Why am doing this again? Who decided that an observant Jewish woman has to be the Korban ... Read More »

Silver lining

Is that all there is? Then let’s keep dancing. . . .” —Peggy Lee. Unexpected memories from childhood occasionally surface without warning: the barely perceptible milky fragrance of a buttercup, surprising strength of an orange salamander squirming in my child-sized palm, gritty sand in my teeth as I bite into an egg-salad sandwich on the beach. I cherish these delightful ... Read More »


IT RACED BY with tire-screeching fury, resulting in whiplash and motion sickness. My clients shared tales of renting cabins next to Lake Como in Italy and sabbath meals in Switzerland. One friend fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Alaska, and another went on a powerful heritage tour of Poland. The highlights of my summer? One night I ate fish and ... Read More »

Tweet, Tweet

TOO BIG A job for even the Israeli Army, an infernal battle against pigeons in my pantry is an unwinnable war. Google’s best suggestion is seven drops of both lemon and peppermint oils in a diluted vinegar solution, generously sprayed on perching areas. The pigeons now smell great and have lovely complexions. More have arrived to “the spa.” It started ... Read More »

Go Tell It on the Mountain

I COULD MAKE Jewish jokes about food and fasting but, like last month’s matzo, this would grow stale. Which is why, when speaking of Shavuot, I will refrain from talking about cheesecake and blintzes. I will not refrain from eating them but will only mention that, unlike other major holidays, the reason we eat dairy might have to do with ... Read More »

Say “Ah”

A RELATIVELY TERRIFYING medical test occurred at an ungodly hour because the hospital owns one MRI scanner. In the middle of a freezing winter night, testing for potential diagnoses that one does not want to hear uttered and I went alone. My husband, a man who never goes anywhere and never has anything to do if it doesn’t involve me, ... Read More »

Tabloid Leadership

I’VE GIVEN SOME thought, recently, to the naming, blaming and shaming of people in the front-page worlds of performance arts, publishing and business who may have abused their relative positions by sexually subjugating others. More shocking than the tawdriness of the tales is the arrogance that led some to believe that they are important enough to wield abuse and call ... Read More »


AS HARD AS the advertising companies in this corner of the world may try, Christmas just doesn’t have the marketing appeal that it does in the West. It isn’t that Christmas doesn’t happen here; Jerusalem is where the entire episode unfolded. For anyone who wants to re-live the birth, life, death and/or tale of Jesus replete with mangers, Magi and  ... Read More »

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