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Not your Bubbie’s Kitchen

I asked my mom if she ever uses online cooking videos, and she responded without hesitation: “No, I know how to cook.” That shouldn’t have surprised me. Growing up, I must have walked by her bookshelf full of cookbooks, handwritten and hardbound, a thousand times, as I made my way to the table to enjoy a meal she crafted from ... Read More »

Family Lore

OCTOBER: A MONTH for stories and events that evoke fear, excitement and awe. And, no, I am not talking about Halloween. It’s Family History Month! I am not trying to trick you; tracing your lineage can actually be quite a treat. Why not start with some of the legends your families have passed from one generation to the next? Did ... Read More »

Yiddish Glory

LONG BEFORE Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” told the graphic story of revenge against the Nazis, it was the subject of Yiddish songs detailing the Soviet Jewish experience. Until recently, no one had heard these songs and they were thought to have been lost forever. In the 1940s, a team of ethnomusicologists traveled across Central Asia transcribing this piece of Yiddish ... Read More »

Bring the 90s Back (Alright!)

A FEVER OF nostalgia has been going around, and it’s only going to get worse now that the holidays are here. I’m not talking about spinning the dreidel by the candlelight nostalgia. I’m talking about camping out at night to get your hands on one of them Tickle-Me-Elmos or Furbies nostalgia. It appears 90s nostalgia is in full effect! From ... Read More »

In Blessed Memory


MY SISTER AND I went on a mission to lighten, even if for a day, that gloomy presence often found lurking in senior housing. Aunt Essie’s face shined brightly in contrast to the other residents. Her fiery personality, a semblance of her younger self, persisted, refusing to be extinguished. “If Moses could part the Red Sea, then I can do ... Read More »

A Call to Action

Youth crowd with banner. Manifesting new generation crowd. A lot of hands of young people with different gestures. Vector illustration in flat style

It’s no Secret that intolerance is on the rise in America, especially against the Jewish community. The messages that Passover provides are more valuable now than ever. How do we conduct a Seder that refrains from silencing the past and recognizes the suffering of the present? How do we take a more active role and not let another holiday just ... Read More »

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