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“Good OMENS”

Every Friday night, my family celebrates Shabbat by saying the prayers, eating challah and … watching British fantasy/sci-fi television. For several years now, the Shabbat candles have shimmered their earnest little lights on the dining room table, as we have gathered a few feet away in the living room to bask in the LCD glow of “Sherlock Holmes,” “Dr. Who” ... Read More »

Eat (Together). Pray (Together). Live.

Recently, I read an amazing statistic that validated every decision I’ve ever made: Loneliness is as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Even if you’re a regular gym-goer, social isolation puts you at risk of significant health complications and premature death. This means—I’m extrapolating—that it is far healthier to share giant fistfuls of challah and drink copious glasses of ... Read More »

Reflections on a Tattooed Jew

I used to do a double-take if I saw a woman with “sleeves,” tattoos all the way up and down her arms. A neck tattoo was something you might see if you visited a prison, nowhere else. But now it is a part of my daily rhythm to interact with employable, contributing members of society who seem to be covered ... Read More »


I MAKE NO friends when I say this, but I spent the first 40 years of my life never thinking much about my weight. Skinny genes made for skinny jeans. I tell you this so that you can get your loathing out of the way, and I can continue with my tale. Done? Good. When I hit 40, it was ... Read More »

Jewish Sleepaway Camps

“JEWISH SLEEPAWAY CAMPS are for the counselors,” a rabbi once told me. He said it without winking, but the winking was implied. Apparently, at Jewish overnight camps, making out is as much part of curriculum as making lanyards. I wouldn’t know. I did not attend a sleepaway camp of any variety, and therefore never had the pleasure of cutting my ... Read More »

Offering a Hand in the #MeToo Movement

I USED TO fume when ultra-Orthodox men would refuse to shake my hand. The idea that men and women shouldn’t touch, that we are a distraction or a temptation or some other nonsense angered me to my core. But, being a woman, I have been socialized to accommodate. I learned to laugh it off, telling myself that I shouldn’t take ... Read More »

More Mitzvah, Less Bar

“OH, YOU’RE ON the Bar Mitzvah circuit now,” a friend recently smirked at me. “Buckle up.” My son’s social calendar rivals Meghan Markle’s. A private event at a museum one weekend. A lavish affair at a swanky hotel the next. Invitations engraved in metal to soirees at “It” restaurants where barely pubescent partiers dance until well past the pumpkin hour. ... Read More »

Hamilton & the Hebrew Hammer

This Summer, we were blessed to take our tribe to Israel. We explored as much of the country as a one-month visit would allow, cramming into our rented Chevy Orlando every day for an epic trek across the Holy Land. As can be expected of a vehicle in Israel, the Orlando seats a family of five uncomfortably and has the ... Read More »

Found Object

LONG BEFORE I hated the Internet for how it made me view other people, I hated it for reinforcing a dim view of myself. Social media seemed designed to tell me that I have gained too much weight, gotten too old and failed to become the perfect wife/mother/cook/CEO. The last election, together with multiple mass shootings and the rise of ... Read More »

Taking to the Waters

Sunset in Sonoma

THE TIME MY middle child licked a fabric-covered Metro seat was, I thought, my lowest parenting moment. Luckily that episode was immediately followed by his month-long bout of diarrhea to assure me, “Oh, no. It gets worse.” In his mere six years on this planet, my middle one has broken his older brother’s nose, given his younger sister a black ... Read More »

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