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   It’s still shocking to think about the gunman who entered the Chabad Center in Poway on Passover and murdered congregant Lori Kaye in cold blood and wounded Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein and other congregants. This came just six months after eleven people lost their lives in the shooting of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Senseless death, emanating from ... Read More »


One clear result of the recent Israeli elections is that there are major differences between an important segment of the US Jewish community and Israel. The win of right-wing and religious parties reinforces the fact that Israelis are different from the many American Jews who identify with liberal causes in the US. In fact, one could imagine the great majority ... Read More »

It’s an Ancient Hatred

Anti-Semitism Semitism is a hatred that never goes away. Once upon a time it was a hostility to Jews because they rejected idol worship in the ancient world. At other times and places, the fact that Jews lived differently bothered many. There were blood libels, pogroms and even accusations of Deicide. Not too long ago, people suggested that Jews control ... Read More »

Abortion and Judaism

Abortion is a hot topic these days, with some saying it’s a woman’s right to choose, and men should not dictate to women what to do with their bodies. Others argue that life is precious and you can’t kill a child. The issue of abortion has risen to the top of the public agenda. Abortion-rights activists have been warning that ... Read More »

There’s No Reason To Keep Kosher

Honestly, there is no reason. That’s right, no reason at all. You may have heard a tale that it’s because of hygiene. Though it may have been a great side benefit during the Black Plague, when Jews who kept kosher were not as severely impacted by the disease, that’s not why we do it, and in fact, some use this ... Read More »

On Edge

American Jews are on edge. The attack in Pittsburg has clearly rattled the community. That, coupled with the rise of anti-Israel sentiment on campus and disturbing stories about more hostility in European countries, has led to a sense of unease. This has touched some of our deepest fears. Many of us are wondering if the ground is shifting under our ... Read More »


IT’S THE TIME of year when we review our achievements of the past twelve months, ponder areas that need improvement and set a course for the new year. As the High Holidays draw near I think about an enigmatic passage in the Talmud that describes the questions asked to a person’s soul when it reaches the heavenly court. The Talmud ... Read More »

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