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A humble person sees the essential dignity and value of others. In religious terms, humility stems from an awareness of the unmet personal potential for each person who is created in the image of G-d. Rabbi Israel Salanter, the master teacher of Mussar, Jewish ethics, taught that a person should look up to see needed progress in personal character and ... Read More »

True Love

A congregant told me of a wedding reception where the Hindu priest approached a guest and asked, “Why are you not married?” The young man replied, “I have not yet found true love.” The priest barreled over in laughter and then said, “Only after twenty-five years of marriage can you speak of ‘true love.’” Hearing that account reminded me of ... Read More »


Trying to train yourself to sleep less is like altering your shoe size, so claim contemporary researchers. It is amazing to consider how little people knew about the nature of sleep until recent times. For instance, we now identify rapid eye movement during sleep (REM) with dreaming. That observation was only made in 1953 by Dr. Eugene Aserinsky. In the ... Read More »

Let’s EAT!

Our sages teach, “In the future a person will give a judgment and accounting of all that he (or she) saw and did not consume” (Jerusalem Talmud, Kiddushin 48:2). We are encouraged to enjoy the vast array of foods. To turn away from a tasty treat is to reject a Divine gift. And yet, Jewish tradition also values self-restraint. G-d ... Read More »

Let’s Play More

Consider the following imagining found in the Talmud [Avodah Zarah 3b]: “Rav Yehuda says, there are twelve hours in a day. The first three-hours G-d sits and learns the Torah, the second three-hours he sits and judges the world. The third three- hours G-d feeds the entire world… the fourth three-hour period G-d plays with the Leviathan as it is ... Read More »

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