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Wearing Masks

IT IS COMMON knowledge that actors with Jewish sounding surnames were encouraged to change their names to more “non- Jewish” names. Recently, a U-tube video listed all those whose names were changed, but at the end of the video came a warning: “Now you know who they are; and they are among us.” A little scary in this day and ... Read More »


SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I was on a train from Paris to Antwerp. The only other occupant of the compartment was a man who was busy reading a book. So friendly me looked over at the book and realized it was Hebrew. I said, “Hebrew!” He looked up immediately and asked if I spoke the language to which I replied I ... Read More »

The Real Miracle of Hanukkah

AS HANUKKAH APPROACHES, families take out their hanukkiahs, buy candles, since they often can’t find the ones from last year, and get ready for the less than healthy diet of potato latkes and jelly donuts. Ah, but it is only once a year that we celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah. But just what is that miracle? According to the Book ... Read More »

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