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The Real Miracle of Hanukkah

AS HANUKKAH APPROACHES, families take out their hanukkiahs, buy candles, since they often can’t find the ones from last year, and get ready for the less than healthy diet of potato latkes and jelly donuts. Ah, but it is only once a year that we celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah. But just what is that miracle? According to the Book ... Read More »

Is It ALL VANITY?        

I WAS PREPARING a teaching on Kohelet for Sukkot and it occurred to me how pertinent this message was for this time of year and maybe even our culture in general. It reveals the psychology of the writer – presumed to be King Solomon in his old age. While many view this book as depressing, there is a positive message ... Read More »

Challenges, Grief & Courage

Everyone knows the right answear

DAVID AND LYNDA ZUSSMAN have been living in Newport Coast for almost 20 years – enjoying what two successful careers can offer.  They began their lives in Newport Beach, later moving to Los Angeles. However, given the opportunity to relocate to Newport Beach, they took it!  Lynda joined the Newport-Mesa Unified School District as a Special Education Resource Specialist and ... Read More »

Beloved Cantor Retires After 49 Years


AFTER 49 YEARS as Cantor of Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’a lot, Arie Shikler will retire in June to pursue numerous other artistic avenues. However, he will remain Cantor Emeritus at the synagogue he has served so well When Shikler, a veteran of the Six Day War, came to the United States from Israel to study industrial design, he never dreamed he ... Read More »

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