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We have just entered 5780, the new Jewish year. This is a time for new decisions, new focus, new intentions, and new commitments. Recently, there has been a focus on research dedicated to new habit formation and the best way to make life altering changes. The big take away seems to be instituting change a little at a time. In ... Read More »

Do Not Stand Idly By

I am sitting down to write this article after a week of senseless killings, motivated by white supremacy and racial hatred for anyone who is different. Unfortunately the world we are living in reminds us of the horrors we endured in the Second World War. As post-Holocaust Jews, we are forced to confront bigotry and ethnic intolerance through a lens ... Read More »


Being able to share this inspirational story, brings happiness to my heart and soul. It is truly a story of courage, selflessness, caring about humanity, Tikkun Olam, chesed, and the very best parental role modelling. As the daughter-in-law of a kidney recipient, I know firsthand how the gift of life can positively impact a family. Catherine Pearlman, a local mother ... Read More »


Proponents of mindfulness tell us not to dwell in the past, revisiting traumatic or difficult times, and not to imagine the future, envisioning what may or may not come our way, but to focus on the now and to live “in the moment.” We have come to the end of the school year. Report cards are around the corner. Our ... Read More »

Embrace Kindness

Watching the Newport Beach “swastika” incident play out was very troubling to me. As a mother of grown children myself, I totally understand that sometimes teenagers do stupid things, get carried away, and follow the crowd without thinking, and that high school children’s brains are not fully developed. However, the fact that so many high schoolers feel that this type ... Read More »

Building Relationships

On Tuesday morning, February 5th, University Synagogue hosted a community cultural concert. Chamber Music OC presented an interactive, engaging, and carefully crafted program, performed by highly talented and gifted young artists. The concert was attended by 425 community members, including Holocaust Survivors through Cafe’ Europa, Heritage Pointe residents, students from El Sol Elementary School in Santa Ana, participants in the ... Read More »


When I peek back at my Jewish memories, I see candles, smell chicken soup, taste brisket, crave challah, laugh with my cousins, drink grape juice, eat kugel, and surround myself in love and happiness.   As my mom and bubbe lit candles, my heart would swell, the warm light would usher in the peace of Shabbat. We sat, we washed, ... Read More »

Be a Light

Be a light unto the nations.” —Isaiah When a child sees the parent and runs into her arms with the biggest smile on his face, the child’s unmitigated happiness and the parent’s full heart shines a light unto the nations. When a relative from another country comes to visit, walks through customs and up the ramp to see you waiting ... Read More »

Lessons in Chill

So often we verbalize our frustration at the little inconveniences that life brings us. The car who cut us off while merging into the next lane, the lady who is in front of us at the grocery store with an overflowing cart, the customer service rep who needs to pass you on to his supervisor. Our children witness our frustration ... Read More »

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