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Saying Goodbye

Generally, when your child asks you a question about death, it follows the loss of someone or some animal who was part of your life. Not only is it difficult to discuss death with your children at any time, it is much more complicated when dealing with your own emotional upheaval or loss. Are you sure what happens after death? ... Read More »

Make A Splash

Swim Lessons at the J Swim lessons are offered day and evening in the Merage JCC Aquatics Center. Instructors will work with you or your children to create an individualized program that meets you or your child’s specific needs. They will make every effort to accommodate requests for new classes. For more information please visit: WAVES Swim Team WAVES ... Read More »

Chanukah Traditions

My favorite Hanukkah song reminds us, “Don’t let the lights go out, they’ve lasted for so many years.” This message is profound, referring to way more than the Chanukah candles that we light for eight days each year. Gathering around the Hanukkiah with family and close friends, chanting the blessings together, singing Chanukah songs, eating latkes and sovganiot (donuts), exchanging ... Read More »

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