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In light of the growing anti-Semitism that has surfaced in American discourse and communities, playwright Dr. Alan Brooks’s “A Splintered Soul” could not be timelier. This play examines philosophical questions of morality and ethics, and the effects of the breakdown of social institutions. His play is about Holocaust survivors who have immigrated to San Francisco in 1947. For Dr. Brooks, ... Read More »

The Lincoln Club Visits Israel

FROM THE SMELLS of saffron wafting through the open-air markets to the numerous sacred sites and the urban and more secular city of Tel Aviv, Israel is dynamic and evolving, historic and holy. It is a place everyone should visit at least once. In early May of this year, the Lincoln Club of Orange County did just that. But this ... Read More »

Repairing the World

The fog was thick as I exited the 55 south, toward Newport Beach. I was on my way to meet with art therapist Diana Shabtai of Art Therapy OC (also known as ‘Miss Dee’). In preparation for the interview, I had researched art therapy and watched a Ted Talk on the subject and so I had an inkling of what ... Read More »

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