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When we think of “celebrations,” we may automatically think of bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and graduations. But in a life of contentment and meaning, celebrations aren’t reserved for the social hall. Celebrating everyday moments, even in our hectic lives, connects us to each other and allows us to fully appreciate the experiences of today. After all, we only get one chance ... Read More »

Practicing Mindfulness

I can’t smell cinnamon rolls without thinking about my grandmother baking sweet pecan sticky buns in our kitchen. Just catching a whiff of a familiar scent, our brain can transport us back in time, connecting smells to people, places, or experiences from various times of our lives. We can utilize this powerful phenomenon to connect us with the wonders of ... Read More »

The Four Sons

Children participating at a Passover seder

Anyone who has spent a morning toting a toddler on errands or navigated a strained chat with a teen about technology overuse, has undoubtedly experienced the range of personality traits found among the Four Sons in the Passover haggadah: the Wise, the Wicked, the Indifferent and the Unaware. Passover is a time of deep introspection and reflection, about the world, ... Read More »

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