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Buddy Day

Every now and then some of my friends in Givat Ze’ev take off from work for a buddy day. The primary agenda is to get out into nature and do some hiking. A meal in a restaurant usually marks the end of the day. Seven of us recently went on a hike in the Beit Shemesh area (between Jerusalem and ... Read More »

Open House on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day (which this year begins on Tuesday night May 7), Israel does not just remember its fallen soldiers—it also embraces the bereaved families. In practice, what this means is that there is a kind of “open house” at the homes of most bereaved families. If you are friendly with a bereaved person, you try to visit them on ... Read More »

Dancing and Praying

I had always wanted to do Israeli folk dancing. I connected it in my mind with the Zionist experience and I wanted to be a part of it. Then I saw my chance: “Learn Israeli folk dancing from the very first step with Kobi Michaeli” said a flyer in my mailbox. If I ever was going to learn, now was ... Read More »

Forever Young Assisted Living

I HAVE REACHED a point in my life as an immigrant where if I want to see my parents, I need to go to them. Due to health issues, my parents, may they live and be well, are not flying to Israel any time in the foreseeable future. My parents live at Gurwin Jewish Assisted Living in Commack, Long Island. ... Read More »


AFTER 21 YEARS in Israel I am finally ready to acknowledge that for many secular Israelis, Jewish holidays are mainly looked upon as a chance to take a vacation at the State’s expense. This is especially true of the fall holiday period, which for secular Israelis contains no essential observances. (Whereas over the spring holiday period, the three weeks beginning ... Read More »

Sports, Judaism and Israel

SPORTS AND RELIGION in America go together as naturally as motherhood and apple pie. Schools with predominantly religious students field excellent teams in a variety of sports. In America, it is taken for granted that the religious way of life dovetails with the athletic life, sharing as they do such common principles as commitment, self-discipline, and a positive attitude. When ... Read More »

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