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Ghost in the Machine My friend Stephanie and I have noticed a new phenomenon on JDate. Men aren’t sending as many e-mails as they used to; they prefer to IM women. What’s this about? Is it a form of instant gratification? They see a pretty face and want to make contact? Yes and no. They’re either testing the waters or ... Read More »

Editor's Corner

Freedom Festival The hardest thing about publishing a monthly magazine is that we sometimes have to go to press without knowing the answer to the question that will be foremost on the readers’ minds when the issue actually comes out. Because the Israeli elections take place on March 28, our readers will know the outcome of the elections before they ... Read More »

Israel Scene

Shula’s Pesach kitchen “It’s all in the way you look at a situation,” thought Claudia, as she carefully buttoned her daughter’s freshly ironed Shabbos blouse around the neck of the hanger. With only two days left until the holiday, these mantras became more and more necessary as her annual “Lonely Time” loomed nearer. “I can use the vacation,” was another ... Read More »

Talking Bull with Carter Greenbaum

TVT sophomore is stock market maven. Carter Greenbaum has taken the bull by the horns – the bull market that is. He touts the “Perfect Portfolio” on his website. And maybe it is… His portfolio, usually held semi-long-term, that is over the course of three months, holds companies that are for the most part, in the green. He puts out ... Read More »

He's Not Coming Here Anymore: A Survivor's Story

Irvine man tells compelling tale of Holocaust experiences. A crescendo of shrieks from within the darkness greeted us. I thought that I had entered a cage of starved animals. But it was not an animal cage. It was a cage of desperate men who had arrived in Rieben a few days earlier. In desperation they attempted to steal anything edible ... Read More »

On the Town

From goats to bogs, March is an entertaining month. April 22 is Earth Day, and there are fun celebrations and green events you can attend throughout the month – This year Earth Day has even more significance than before. Agriculture and biodiversity are already being impacted by global warming; 10 percent of all known plant species are under threat of ... Read More »

Judaism and Terrorism

How will Israelis deal with Hamas and other threats? What does the Palestinian election mean in the long run? Who are the real terrorists in the region? What countries are funding the terrorists, and how can Israel and the United States deal with them? How can we solve the problems of terrorism when the perpetrators swear destruction for both Israel ... Read More »

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