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It’s an Ancient Hatred

Anti-Semitism Semitism is a hatred that never goes away. Once upon a time it was a hostility to Jews because they rejected idol worship in the ancient world. At other times and places, the fact that Jews lived differently bothered many. There were blood libels, pogroms and even accusations of Deicide. Not too long ago, people suggested that Jews control ... Read More »

Holocaust Survivors

Walter Lachman was 17 when he was liberated from the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. Jenni Unterman was a hidden child in Holland until age seven. Faina and Semyon Itskovich barely survived World War II in the former Soviet Union. What do they all have in common? Not much, except this—all are Holocaust survivors who call Orange County home.   When we ... Read More »

Creating Light

They bore witness to some of the most horrible atrocities known to humanity, and yet their message is one of hope. As they age, listening to their stories becomes more and more critical to Jews and non-Jews alike. Being the son of Holocaust survivors, Clifford Lester understands the importance of documenting the experience of those who lived through the dark ... Read More »

Journey Toward Freedom

Slavery is an extreme. Imagine that you are a slave. You have no control over your time. You are bruised from back-breaking labor and the whip of the taskmaster. Even more painful, you have no say over your children, who can be sold like pieces of property. The slavery of our people’s past is way in the past and yet, ... Read More »

The Deal with Dill

Dr. Elliot Weinstein has a love affair with pickles. Ever since he discovered an old family recipe for making them, Weinstein’s become something of a pickling evangelist. This spring, he’ll be bringing his expertise to the new Jewish Food Festival and teaching a pickle-making workshop, and he couldn’t be more excited about the prospect.   Weinstein’s love for pickles ironically ... Read More »

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