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Getting to Know Comedian Gary Gulman


If you’ve ever eaten ice cream with a fork, idolized Trader Joe’s, or thought “Hey, thank a Jew for that invention,” Gary Gulman is about to be your new favorite comedian. Understated and witty, his sharp observations on the smallest of life’s adventures will have you laughing out loud. Already a Gary Gulman fan? Keep reading to learn more about ... Read More »


Yesterday, the teacher asked, “How much is three times three? She’s supposed to know but keeps on asking me!” “Is I gotta go to school, Ma? I’d rather stay home with you?” When I Googled the lyrics to this song that the Sam Robbins Orchestra popularized in 1934, I only remembered the song as one that my mother, zichrona ‘’l’vracha”-of ... Read More »

“Good OMENS”

Every Friday night, my family celebrates Shabbat by saying the prayers, eating challah and … watching British fantasy/sci-fi television. For several years now, the Shabbat candles have shimmered their earnest little lights on the dining room table, as we have gathered a few feet away in the living room to bask in the LCD glow of “Sherlock Holmes,” “Dr. Who” ... Read More »


Maccabi USA Gymnastics Chair Ben Fox along with Head Coach Paige Nelson are pleased to announce the Open Women’s Gymnastics Team for the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games which took place July 5-15, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico. Maccabi USA brought a team of 400+ athletes who will join the other 2,500 Jewish athletes from 19 countries, participating in 24 ... Read More »


Education can never be the same for every learner. Each learner is different and enters the learning environment with different incoming knowledge, background experiences, potential, learning style and capacity to integrate and use the content. Some learners are more experiential, others are more cerebral. There are students who learn by listening and those who learn by reading. There are those ... Read More »

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