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Rachel Goes Rogue


If winter could describe my love life, it would have been a cold and gusty storm for years. Like many of us, I run from storms and look for shelter. As my readership knows, my mom has been internally dying for years now. My aunt even went as far to buy me a necklace in Tzfat; I cannot take it ... Read More »

What is Chanukah?


It is a famous question in the Talmud, “What is Chanukah?”  The Talmudic response is well known; the Greeks attempted to impose their pagan beliefs on the Jews, seizing the Holy Temple, the symbol of monotheism in the world. The Jews, led by the family of priests named the Maccabees, rebelled. After the victory they found one cruse of oil, and ... Read More »

Gobble-Gobble, Menorah?


“Thanksgivukkah,” last year’s coexistence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving, inspired 9-year-old Asher Weintraub to create an innovative product that’s sold incredibly well and might even commemorate the 2013 phenomenon for generations to come. The Menurkey, Asher’s turkey-shaped menorah, took social media by storm and earned a visit to the White House, where President Obama honored Asher’s creativity. JLife interviewed Asher’s father, Anthony Weintraub, to ... Read More »

The Chanukah Creep


The best donut you will ever have isn’t a donut at all. Traditionally, a few weeks before Chanukah begins, Israelis stroll down to their local Roladin with the fervor of SoCal foodies with a new obsession. Roladin is a pastry shop about equivalent to Corner Bakery—it’s a national chain with a shop in most major cities, but there are other, similar ... Read More »

The Peel


Dear N.: We want our house to look perfect this holiday season. From the strings of lights in our trees, to the lawn display—three Middle Eastern guys with a camel—our goal is to convey the true meaning of Chanukah. But we hope you can settle an argument for us. We’re looking for an ornament to top off our Chanukah bush. ... Read More »

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