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One recent wet and miserable Wednesday, five sibling grandchildren tramped into my no-bigger-than-a-breadbox apartment for Grandma Day. Because they live in South Africa, this should have been fulfillment of a dream. Nevertheless, I grew insecure and consequently did what Jewish women have done for six-thousand years in the face of uncertainty: I made chicken soup and a double batter of ... Read More »

JLife Extra

Best of February Happenings Speakers and Galas highlight month By Ilene Schneider   February appears to be a month to honor some special people who have made an impact on their congregations, as well as a chance to explore interesting topics and catch concerts. Enjoy the best Jewish Orange County has to offer.   Saturday, February 2 7 p.m. JG25 ... Read More »

Nancy Spielberg

Just because Nancy Spielberg grew up immersed in film-making doesn’t mean she planned to have a film career—she didn’t. Even producing the successful 2014 documentary film “Above and Beyond,” which tells the little-known story of American fighter pilots who volunteered to fight for Israel in the 1948 War of Independence, was not what she was aiming for. “Film-making was something ... Read More »

Avoiding the App Trap

Dear Customer Service Representative with the Oxymoronic Job Title: Before we finally connected, after my holding through 28 minutes of music and a recorded message, I evolved the following observations: The term “elevator music” should require the modifier, “Blood Pressure.” The recorded message superimposed over or under the music – you know – the one that says that you value ... Read More »

WIESENTHAL (Nazi Hunter)

Orchard Street Productions brings the critically acclaimed one-man play, Wiesenthal (Nazi Hunter) to the Isadore and Penny Meyers Theatre Merage at the Jewish Community Center of Orange County on March 12. Veteran actor and playwright Tom Dugan portrays Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, the famed concentration camp survivor who made it his lifelong pursuit to bring over 1,100 Nazi war criminals ... Read More »

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