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There’s No Reason To Keep Kosher

Honestly, there is no reason. That’s right, no reason at all. You may have heard a tale that it’s because of hygiene. Though it may have been a great side benefit during the Black Plague, when Jews who kept kosher were not as severely impacted by the disease, that’s not why we do it, and in fact, some use this ... Read More »

Dealing with Bias

   Do some statements about Israel cross the line? Is there media bias that, in turn, causes people to make incorrect assumptions? Does the nature of social media make it worse? These are questions that Jewish college students will need to ask in order to educate themselves to dispute myths about Israel.   Knowledge for College (K4C), a program that ... Read More »


When I peek back at my Jewish memories, I see candles, smell chicken soup, taste brisket, crave challah, laugh with my cousins, drink grape juice, eat kugel, and surround myself in love and happiness.   As my mom and bubbe lit candles, my heart would swell, the warm light would usher in the peace of Shabbat. We sat, we washed, ... Read More »


When it comes to finding a place where all types of people can go to for fun, Rockin’ Jump should be at the top of everyone’s list. Located in Santa Ana, Calif, Rockin’ Jump is an indoor trampoline park that is 25,000 square feet and has been part of the community since 2015. Everything about Rockin’ Jump is hygienic, exciting ... Read More »

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