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Saying Goodbye

Generally, when your child asks you a question about death, it follows the loss of someone or some animal who was part of your life. Not only is it difficult to discuss death with your children at any time, it is much more complicated when dealing with your own emotional upheaval or loss. Are you sure what happens after death? ... Read More »

Make A Splash

Swim Lessons at the J Swim lessons are offered day and evening in the Merage JCC Aquatics Center. Instructors will work with you or your children to create an individualized program that meets you or your child’s specific needs. They will make every effort to accommodate requests for new classes. For more information please visit: WAVES Swim Team WAVES ... Read More »

Family Fitness Tips

Exercise is very important. We all know that it helps us live longer, lowers heart risks, helps control weight and lowers our stress levels. If we didn’t exercise we might just blow our tops. However, did you know that exercising as a family can have even more benefits than going at it alone? Fitness activities can help create and strengthen ... Read More »

Prayer? On Purpose?

It is a daunting task: What do OC residents do in terms of prayer? How do they practice? How much value do we place in our conversations with G-d? For many, there may be no conversation; for others, it may be seen as a one-sided conversation; and a smaller portion of the population may see that their conversations with G-d ... Read More »

Know a Nice Jewish Boy?

My sister is single. I bring this up because 1. Maybe you know somebody? and 2. The central question of this month’s issue is “What is Being Jewish,” and nowhere is your Jewishness more relevant than on the dating scene. We all want sis to find a “nice Jewish boy.” But what is a nice Jewish boy? We know what ... Read More »

Jewishness in Israel

Since moving to Israel in the summer of 1997, I cannot recall a time when I have uttered the following three words: “I am Jewish.” The most obvious reason for this is that here no one ever asks me: “Are you Jewish?” In America, I was frequently asked this question. I would respond in the affirmative. I sort of miss ... Read More »

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