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A Discovery of Self

COMING TO HERITAGE POINTE has been a wonderful eye opening experience for me. A discovery of self. Living here made it possible to unlock feelings and bring to the surface what I am capable of giving and what I want to give. Because of the diversity of residents’ needs I became more compassionate and understanding of others. Who I am ... Read More »

B’nai Mitzvah Boot Camp

AT CONGREGATION B’ NAI TZEDEK, we hold a semi-annual “B’nai Mitzvah Boot Camp,” where I gather the students who will become B’nai Mitzvah within the following nine to sixteen months. We talk about what B’nai Mitzvah means: It’s not a party or even a service, it’s a title. We talk about our responsibility to the Jewish community: Taking charge of ... Read More »

Remembering Miriam Oxman   

MIRIAM OXMAN, 95 of Buena Park, California, passed away November 18, 2017.  She started a mail-order business at Rosecrans and Valley View Streets in Santa Fe Springs in 1961 with her husband Jerome Oxman. “Oxman’s Surplus became a landmark in Southern California for its extraordinary military museum, war memorabilia, and surplus military sales to the public. Miriam Averbook was born ... Read More »

Tabloid Leadership

I’VE GIVEN SOME thought, recently, to the naming, blaming and shaming of people in the front-page worlds of performance arts, publishing and business who may have abused their relative positions by sexually subjugating others. More shocking than the tawdriness of the tales is the arrogance that led some to believe that they are important enough to wield abuse and call ... Read More »


SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I was on a train from Paris to Antwerp. The only other occupant of the compartment was a man who was busy reading a book. So friendly me looked over at the book and realized it was Hebrew. I said, “Hebrew!” He looked up immediately and asked if I spoke the language to which I replied I ... Read More »

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