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The Sephardim

A STRIKING DIFFERENCE between Jewish life in the States and in Israel is the relative lack of Sephardim in the U.S. This difference gets expressed in Jewish religious life as well as in other aspects of Jewish culture (music, food, clothing, etc.). It also gets expressed in one’s consciousness of what a Jew looks like and what it means to ... Read More »

What Connects Us

WHAT CONNECTS JEWS to Jerusalem? Some would say its history; starting with Abraham bringing his son Isaac for a sacrifice and Jacob’s amazing dream.  King David established it as the Jewish capital some three thousand years ago. His son King Solomon constructed the First Temple that was destroyed some 465 years later by the Babylonian King Nebachnezer. After an interlude ... Read More »

More Mitzvah, Less Bar

“OH, YOU’RE ON the Bar Mitzvah circuit now,” a friend recently smirked at me. “Buckle up.” My son’s social calendar rivals Meghan Markle’s. A private event at a museum one weekend. A lavish affair at a swanky hotel the next. Invitations engraved in metal to soirees at “It” restaurants where barely pubescent partiers dance until well past the pumpkin hour. ... Read More »

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