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Extreme Meme

This past November the Oxford Dictionary announced its 2018 Word of the Year. This announcement probably did not qualify as an A-list event where designer-clad, bejeweled celebrities strode a big red rug amid the cyclops brigades of TV camera lenses. No political polemic emanated from the winning word, nor did tearful acceptance speeches flow from the vowels or consonants.   Humbled ... Read More »


Growing up in Palos Verdes as “the only Jewish kid around,” Professor Marc Dollinger became fascinated by the way Jewishness and Americanness intersected. Dollinger, the 18th Annual Community Scholar Program (CSP) One Month Scholar, became convinced that “Jewish things are really American things that we think are Jewish” and that people understand Jewishness in American terms. For instance, he said, ... Read More »

Volunteers for Israel, (VFI)

Most of us contribute to Jewish organizations and Israel in particular. We send in our checks, take our deduction at the end of the year, and that is the extent of it. Sometimes we remember which organizations we give to, and sometimes we remember how much. Several years ago, I gave in another way. My wife, Sheila, and daughter, Jaquelin, ... Read More »

On Edge

American Jews are on edge. The attack in Pittsburg has clearly rattled the community. That, coupled with the rise of anti-Israel sentiment on campus and disturbing stories about more hostility in European countries, has led to a sense of unease. This has touched some of our deepest fears. Many of us are wondering if the ground is shifting under our ... Read More »

Dancing and Praying

I had always wanted to do Israeli folk dancing. I connected it in my mind with the Zionist experience and I wanted to be a part of it. Then I saw my chance: “Learn Israeli folk dancing from the very first step with Kobi Michaeli” said a flyer in my mailbox. If I ever was going to learn, now was ... Read More »

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