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Irvine Hebrew Day School

ORANGE COUNTY IS HOME to more than 100,000 Jewish residents and, until 2014 there were just two Jewish day schools. That changed when Andy Elster and Karin Hepner recognized a need in the community for Jewish families to have more access to different educational opportunities and co-founded– Irvine Hebrew Day School. The school is located on the newly renovated Temple ... Read More »

Why I Dislike Likening

We’ve aLL HEARD people who have endured misfortune complain that certain well-meaning souls do more to annoy them by relating their own or an associate’s experience that bears nominal relevance to that of the “captive audience”: “I know what you’re going through.” Actually, you don’t because you lost a six-week gestational embryo while your captive audience is burying his one ... Read More »

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