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“WHEN I WAS a kid, that phrase was my older brother’s sneaky way of securing his place as the coin-flipping champion. After months of never winning, I involuntarily secured my place as the coin-flipping loser. Until…. One day, I took the time to think about the meaning of my brother’s phrase. Then, I realized with satisfaction that I had not ... Read More »

Are the Orthodox Fair Target?


Oh it’s those ultras they look different. There is a strange hypocrisy in the Jewish community. Jewish groups are willing to lift the banner of protest at the smallest hint of anti-Semitism. But if the target is the so called “ultra-Orthodox,” all is quiet on the PR front (the very term ultra is deeply offensive).The day before Passover was a ... Read More »

Widen the Tent 


SINCE 1993, the  Jewish Agency has been running a network of summer camps in the Former Soviet Union (FSU).  The Agency describes these camps as “a cultural lifeline to Jewish identity.” These summer camps are supported by several Russian Jewish philanthropists, and by Jewish Federations in such cities as Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, and St. Louis. The summer camps are ... Read More »

Precious Giving 


ONE OF MY most respected teachers frequently intoned, “If you can say ‘Yes,’ say ‘Yes. But if you cannot say ‘yes,’ you are obligated to say ‘No.’” This lesson has profoundly altered my life. In the years prior to the aforementioned epiphany, I’d been crazed with a desire to be liked, valued and emulated. Frequently saying “Yes” to strangers, I ... Read More »

The Strong Princess 


WE HAVE A few “girl” superhero costumes in the house. A puffy-sleaved lavender Batgirl costume and a Supergirl costume trimmed in red tulle and sparkles. But when my 4-year-old wants to dress up as a superhero and fight crime, she no longer reaches for these vestments of token girl power. She dresses as a princess. I had forever sworn that, ... Read More »

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