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Jewish Summer Camp

CAMPS ARE NOTORIOUSLY loud and raucous… Jewish camps especially. From the moment your child steps out of your car at drop-off to the moment they step back in they are Israeli dancing and Shabbos shaking to the beats of Jewish camps’ drums. Our day camp is exploding with Jewish values and Israeli culture everywhere you turn. With directional, program and ... Read More »

Jewish Sleepaway Camps

“JEWISH SLEEPAWAY CAMPS are for the counselors,” a rabbi once told me. He said it without winking, but the winking was implied. Apparently, at Jewish overnight camps, making out is as much part of curriculum as making lanyards. I wouldn’t know. I did not attend a sleepaway camp of any variety, and therefore never had the pleasure of cutting my ... Read More »

Go Tell It on the Mountain

I COULD MAKE Jewish jokes about food and fasting but, like last month’s matzo, this would grow stale. Which is why, when speaking of Shavuot, I will refrain from talking about cheesecake and blintzes. I will not refrain from eating them but will only mention that, unlike other major holidays, the reason we eat dairy might have to do with ... Read More »

Shavuot by Tnuva

AS ONE MIGHT expect of the Jewish state, the holy days of the Jewish religion are national holidays. A good example of this is the holiday of Shavuot (Pentecost) which begins this year on Saturday night, May 19. While it is possible to go about one’s business in the diaspora without even realizing that Shavuot has come and gone, this ... Read More »

Noteworthy Music

Why is this music Program Different from all other Music Programs? The answer to this question does not in any way, shape or form concern a speedy departure from slavery, and therefore does not require any matzoh whatsoever (a relief for many of us still feeling the effects of 8 days of it). Rather, the answer is that the music ... Read More »

Coping with Change

My 18-year-old is about to graduate from high school. In a few months, he’ll be away at college and we’ll be empty nesters. Wow!!! Where did the time go? Am I ready for this? How will it impact my life? As I face the uncertainty of a new stage in my development, my 18-year-old son is contemplating his future. He’s ... Read More »

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