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Camp Connection

Many people who attend Jewish camps speak of the total immersion into Judaism and the sense of connection it offers. The experience can be life-changing. Take it from a rabbi and a rabbinical student who were influenced by powerful memories of Jewish camp. Now they are paying it forward. Rabbi K’vod Wieder related that he never grew up going to ... Read More »

Hebrew Academy Jewish Day School Celebrates 50 Years

The Hebrew Academy of Orange County turns 50 years old this year. Today, the school is a mainstay of Southern California’s Jewish community. It has served more than 10,000 students and campers and has been a cornerstone of Jewish continuity for as long as anyone can remember. The spacious 11-acre Huntington Beach campus is well known for its beautiful new ... Read More »


In 1938, Ino Wolff’s family owned a restaurant in Breslau, Germany, serving delicious continental food, 150-plates a day. But it was a difficult time for Jews. During a city festival, Ino remembers the government would post a soldier at the door stopping non-Jews from entering the restaurant. Then on November 9 the Nazis unleashed the unimaginable, a series of violent ... Read More »


To escape poverty and pogroms in Eastern Europe in the late 1800s, my grandfather chose to emigrate, and subsequently legally immigrated into the United States. As a young man he married Pearl, a first generation American Jew. They purchased a semi-attached two-family house in Brooklyn’s Flatbush and raised three children in an observant kosher home where the Sabbath was strictly ... Read More »


One clear result of the recent Israeli elections is that there are major differences between an important segment of the US Jewish community and Israel. The win of right-wing and religious parties reinforces the fact that Israelis are different from the many American Jews who identify with liberal causes in the US. In fact, one could imagine the great majority ... Read More »

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