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Is It ALL VANITY?        

I WAS PREPARING a teaching on Kohelet for Sukkot and it occurred to me how pertinent this message was for this time of year and maybe even our culture in general. It reveals the psychology of the writer – presumed to be King Solomon in his old age. While many view this book as depressing, there is a positive message ... Read More »


WAITING FOR MY assigned room, I sat in the sun-drenched solarium staring at the first of many inedible meals to be served over the next few days.  I was intensely aware of the mingling of gag-inducing odors that are particular to medical facilities: barium enemas, disinfectants, greasy food-trays.  The resulting pain of total knee replacement would be addressed with morphine, ... Read More »

A Life Worth Living

IT WAS A recent encounter at the dentist. She was a Jewish teenager; together we were waiting with trepidation of the drill that awaited us inside. She talked of her dreams, telling me the colleges she hoped to attend and a career path she planned.  Finally, I asked, what about getting married and having a family. Her reaction surprised me, ... Read More »

Found Object

LONG BEFORE I hated the Internet for how it made me view other people, I hated it for reinforcing a dim view of myself. Social media seemed designed to tell me that I have gained too much weight, gotten too old and failed to become the perfect wife/mother/cook/CEO. The last election, together with multiple mass shootings and the rise of ... Read More »

Ayar’ing, Maysik’ing & Gedid’ing 

MANY AMERICANS HAVE lost touch with the origins of Thanksgiving. When you ask someone to explain the reason for the holiday, more often than not, the holiday will be linked to American ideals like democracy, pluralism, and freedom of religion. Since most Americans live their lives far removed from agriculture, few remember that Thanksgiving grew out of the same impetus ... Read More »

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