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“What do you mean it’s all in Yiddish?” As a California-raised, third-generation American with extremely limited Yiddish knowledge, that was my first question. It was followed by two more queries that came to mind: “Why Montreal?” and “Subtitles, really?” And yet, just moments into watching my first episode of YidLife Crisis, I was hooked. Raised in the Jewish day schools ... Read More »


Seniors are still the cool upper classmen in life. It’s too bad that the media-engendered connotation of the word “senior” evokes derisive references to aches and pains, early bird dinners and slowing body functions. When someone apologizes for the derailment of a train of thought, saying, “I’m having a senior moment,” they don’t mean they’re trying on a mortar board ... Read More »


So we’re not going to Ireland this year. It’s OK. I’m getting over it. Resources in my household are stretched thin, and some recent developments threaten to stretch them thinner yet. This means a planned (as in daydreamed about, but not actually booked) trip to the Emerald Isle will remain a dream deferred. In preparation for said dream I read ... Read More »


A humble person sees the essential dignity and value of others. In religious terms, humility stems from an awareness of the unmet personal potential for each person who is created in the image of G-d. Rabbi Israel Salanter, the master teacher of Mussar, Jewish ethics, taught that a person should look up to see needed progress in personal character and ... Read More »


Faith, resilience, determination—these are only a few of the adjectives that immediately popped into my head as I sat down with Isaac Silverman, founder of Part The Tee, at a local Irvine Starbucks on a warm Monday afternoon. Part The Tee is a new, local, Jewish T-shirt printing company that works in collaboration with a variety of different Jewish organizations ... Read More »

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