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“A splintered Soul”

MORE THAN 73 years have passed since the Holocaust met its deserved demise, so one would think that after all the writings, lectures, poetry, dancing, paintings, discussions, novels, movies, essays, books and opinion pieces on the subject, the attention would wane. But no. And fortunately, no. With a few countries still supporting genocide, plus the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe ... Read More »

Forever Young Assisted Living

I HAVE REACHED a point in my life as an immigrant where if I want to see my parents, I need to go to them. Due to health issues, my parents, may they live and be well, are not flying to Israel any time in the foreseeable future. My parents live at Gurwin Jewish Assisted Living in Commack, Long Island. ... Read More »

JLife Extra: Fall Fanfare

October 2018 Synagogues and organizations kick off 5759’s new programs By Ilene Schneider   Now that the High Holy Days are over, new programs are in full swing at Orange County congregations and organizations. From speakers to scouts, from performances to presentations, the community has something for everyone, mostly free or at nominal fees to attend. Learn something new, explore ... Read More »

Coming Down the Mountain

It comes to reaching the top of Masada, the ancient remains of King Herod’s fortress built in 30 BC on a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea, you are either among the “trammers” or the ‘“climbers.” The trammers pay to take the enjoyable cable-car. It’s a 2:23 minute relaxing ride up. The climbers are the ones who take the Snake Path ... Read More »

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