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“Fiddler on the Roof” fans and anyone who can hold their own playing “Name that Tune” can tell you the importance of tradition. But Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman has a different take on this age-old idea: “Jews have inherited a 3,000-year-old tradition, but all that does is put you in a museum. It isn’t a good reason why someone would ... Read More »


 Often, being cool is related to the latest technology gadget or toy. Sometimes it is cool to have a special talent or knowledge about arcane subjects. Rarely is anything that parents or adults in general want to “teach” teens considered cool. Nevertheless, for 10 years Young Philanthropists has shown Orange County teens that it is “cool” to give back. According ... Read More »


We have just entered 5780, the new Jewish year. This is a time for new decisions, new focus, new intentions, and new commitments. Recently, there has been a focus on research dedicated to new habit formation and the best way to make life altering changes. The big take away seems to be instituting change a little at a time. In ... Read More »

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      Welcome Holidays, Start the Year October brings much holiday activity, but there is more on the agenda for Orange County Jews. From Rosh Hashanah to Simchat Torah, from performing a mitzvah to hearing a renowned Israeli journalist, there is a lot happening. L;shanah tovah! Sunday, October 13 10 am Mitzvah Mavens Sukkah Decorating at Heritage Pointe Heritage ... Read More »

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