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Early Adventures

The Olam Jewish Montessori of Beth Jacob Infant/Toddler environment opened its doors in September 2017. “At Beth Jacob we are very excited about the opening and success of our Olam Infant/Toddler Room. Our mission is to serve the community and provide the infrastructure for a growing and blossoming, engaged Jewish community. The Olam Infant Room, with its incredible program, provided ... Read More »

Spiritually Rich Learning & Living

All learning and living can be like music and art: Spiritually rich experiences. On the journey toward living spiritually, it is helpful to understand the Jewish concept of ‘Lishma.’ ‘Lishma’ is doing something good from a place of internal, rewarding motivation. When I do something Lishma, it feels almost musical. When I do something ‘Lishma,’ I do not desire material ... Read More »

Celebrate Sensitivity

Have you ever made something that you thought was truly wonderful but no one else appreciated? A cake, a painting, a flower arrangement? They failed to tste the mint, or to see the particular hue of the color. Did they make a sarcastic comment? Or was it slightly encouraging but you knew they didn’t appreciate your creation or think it ... Read More »

Kosher Dog


Sometimes you adopt a dog for yourself and other times you do it for God.  At least that is how I justified adopting Carmen Frankenweenie, our Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mixed breed dog. After our beloved Shih Tzu Bella showed signs of impending departure from her earthly realm, I decided to be proactive and find her potential replacement for my ... Read More »

Education Advocates

Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor

TVT Community Day School announced the launching of the Intensive Program (IP) to provide individualized educational support and resources for students with significant learning differences and challenges. Adding to the diversity of TVT’s student body, the IP program will launch in the 2017-18 academic year and will be available for up to eight students in grades 8th through 12th. “TVT ... Read More »

Freedom to Roam


Urban Arts OC a new uniquely creative multimedia space in Newport Beach is the vision of Lynne Kaplan, a South African Born artist and longtime art educator. Lynne felt the need for a space that allowed the artist access to a variety of creative mediums all under one roof. She herself works in in so many different mediums, often integrating ... Read More »

The High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Early this morning, while walking around Balboa Island, I watched the wonderful people from the Rescue Center attempt to rescue a seal lion.  Unfortunately there was a rope wrapped around his neck and he was lying at the edge of a pier.  These caring rescuers were lying on the pier, very slowly crawling forward, and patiently waiting for the chance ... Read More »

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