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Get Out & Vote

Did you remember that there is an election on June 5th? Of course you did. It’s difficult to miss. We are inundated with ugly signs on every street corner, ambushed by popups on Facebook, and bemused by the mailers that arrive daily. Why do the candidates have to bombard us with reminders about who they are? Are we really that ... Read More »

Noteworthy Music

Why is this music Program Different from all other Music Programs? The answer to this question does not in any way, shape or form concern a speedy departure from slavery, and therefore does not require any matzoh whatsoever (a relief for many of us still feeling the effects of 8 days of it). Rather, the answer is that the music ... Read More »

Coping with Change

My 18-year-old is about to graduate from high school. In a few months, he’ll be away at college and we’ll be empty nesters. Wow!!! Where did the time go? Am I ready for this? How will it impact my life? As I face the uncertainty of a new stage in my development, my 18-year-old son is contemplating his future. He’s ... Read More »


FOR THE EIGHTH YEAR the Orange County Private Schools Association (OCPSA) hosted its free Private School Fair. On Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M., OSCPA hosted private schools ranging from preschools to high schools, at the UC Irvine Student Center on the University’s campus. At the fair, families met admissions staff from participating schools and were educated ... Read More »


STARTING AT A FAIRLY early age, one of my sons decided that walking from the car to anywhere was much more efficient if you groaned all of the way. On the other hand, faced with a “hike”, he could go for miles. The challenge of climbing something is great fun if someone is not telling you to be careful or ... Read More »

Time to Reflect

  Goodbye, have a great day!” And off they go, to classrooms, to sports practices, to choir, to debate, to music – to school. Education, one of the pillars of our society Filled with promise Study hard, put your best efforts forth, tomorrow will be bright AND THEN….. it’s gone! One burst of gunfire by an angry school mate, by ... Read More »


My grandchildren, ages 3 and 4, were at my house and heard someone use the word party pooper. If you have any experience with preschoolers, you know that this is the best word ever. It is a legitimate word, you can use it to describe people, and it contains the word “poop.” Fifteen minutes of laughter, teasing each other and ... Read More »

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