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Kosher Dog


Meet August’s Top Dawg! Meet these TWO kosher Papillon doggies, Tovi Shlomo, Esq. and Justine Shaina (Tovi is the biggest one of the two) for Top Dawg of the month. Tovi is a retired AKC Champion and Justine is his little niece  Why is Tovi an “Esq” (Esquire) you may ask? Because he, like his loving mother, both hold J.D.s.  ... Read More »

Kosher Dog July

This is our Shaina. One of her favorite pastimes is stalking lizards in our yard. She is a Shitsue/Havanese mix and a very loving part of our family. Her next favorite thing to do is rest on her very own pet sofa, which she especially enjoys after a hard day at the dog park. —Sandy and Al Schekman Read More »

Camp Silvergan Israel 

A group of kids fiercely playing a game of Tug O War

Outdoor laser tag.  Giant hamster balls.  A foam pit. Human foosball.  A scooter haven.  An enormous waterslide.  A hockey rink.  After dropping their kids off at Camp Silver Gan Israel this summer and taking a glance at what the camp has to offer, parents may find themselves asking the directors if there are any vacancies for adults. For nine weeks ... Read More »

Simchas and Celebrations


In this busy and stressful world, we have to look for reasons to pause. Simchas and celebrations provide the perfect excuse.  Stopping everything and taking the time to acknowledge an achievement, an accomplishment, a milestone or a lifecycle event, enriches our lives and elevates those around us. When we take our kids to dinner to mark a great report card, ... Read More »

Traveling with Kids 


The words “a family vacation” fill some of us with happy anticipation and others of us with dread. The reality is that on any given trip there will be great and not so great moments (think of them as something to laugh over later). There are a few things, however, that you can do that might make things easier. THINK ... Read More »

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