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A Mother’s Day Poem


  “Mom”   By Iris Eliya Cohen Mom would wake up early and start rocking, Changing, Diapering, Washing, Cleaning, Shampooing, Drying, Scrubbing, Ironing, Folding, Baking, Cooking, Peeling, Picking, Steaming, Boiling, Salting, Sweetening, Sorting, Picking the lice out of our hair, Chopping, Grilling, And again cleaning, in between nursing. Till we were two. Go Up, Go Down, Hurry Up, Walk, Run, ... Read More »

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day makes me think about unconditional love. What a beautiful, selfless gift it is!  In fact, I didn’t grasp the immensity of unconditional love until I gave birth to my first child – my beautiful daughter.  I can truly say that that was the defining moment when I finally understood how much my parents loved me. I realized what ... Read More »

The Four Sons

Children participating at a Passover seder

Anyone who has spent a morning toting a toddler on errands or navigated a strained chat with a teen about technology overuse, has undoubtedly experienced the range of personality traits found among the Four Sons in the Passover haggadah: the Wise, the Wicked, the Indifferent and the Unaware. Passover is a time of deep introspection and reflection, about the world, ... Read More »

PJ Library: The Power of Storytelling 

Sisters Reading Book On Bed

More than any other Jewish holiday, Passover is celebrated in the home with family and friends. And at the core of this celebration is the telling of our story marking the beginning of the journey to peoplehood. The Haggadah is our story book and guide, the seder is the place where it is read, the seder plate holds many of ... Read More »

Being Present for Passover

jewish family celebrating passover

This year I challenge you to make your Seder very different – to make it relevant and engaging – a night to remember.  As we dip an egg into the salt water, let’s dip into creating meaningful  experiences and memories, building traditions that last a lifetime and bind us to future generations, that makes Passover memorable and fun, that people ... Read More »

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