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25 Years Young

0615heritagepointeThe Jewish community is known for looking after one another and, taking care of our elders is no exception. So when a study conducted by the Jewish Federation revealed that Orange County was sorely in need of a “retirement home” the tribe sprung into action. After an inspired capital campaign was spearheaded by Meryl Schrimmer and Loretta Modelevsky (and the power of the community was pooled) Heritage Pointe (HP) was born.

It seems like only yesterday, but fast forward a bit and here we are celebrating twenty five years of living the Heritage Pointe Dream. This place is not your typical retirement home. For one, it is a unique environment that allows people to stay connected to their faith and community well into their golden years.

“Heritage Pointe is a way to live not just a place to live; it’s more of a philosophy than a building (gorgeous as it),” says Ellen Weiss, Director of Community Engagement & Philanthropy. “Every stage of life is to be treasured, valued and experienced.”

This honored anniversary gives the home a chance to show off all it’s wonderful amenities as well as unveil several new developments. “The 25th year brings a renewed focus to our ‘home’ and the lives of our residents as we enhance and revitalize Heritage Pointe’s facility,” says Bonnie Jeannette, a past Board Chair and current Vice-President of Facilities.

Heritage Pointe has expanded and remodeled its Health Center and is remodeling and upgrading all the apartments and public bathrooms. New carpet and flooring has also been installed throughout the public areas with updated furnishings and new art. The cafe’ will become a “lounge” with a bar and buffet, TV and outdoor patio access with lounge seating, and the synagogue has a new audio/video capability to accommodate larger and more varied purposes.

“We are truly excited about our plans to rejuvenate Heritage Pointe so that all of our seniors’ lives are further enriched,” says Jeannette. “Strategic plans looking into the next several decades are exciting and invite wonderful opportunities to expand the way we serve our senior community.”

New digs aren’t the only new things going on at HP. Activities abound at Heritage Pointe and there are mitzvah groups, a safety committee and even their own newsletter “Pointe of View” for residents to take part in.

“At our June celebration, you’ll see our residents’ art on display, but you don’t have to wait until then to see our residents in action,” says Jodi Greenbaum, Board Chair. “You’re welcome to come by anytime to see the holocaust survivor who holds a workshop on his balcony, the great-grandmother who tutors b’nai mitzvah students, the 90-year-olds gardening or the women helping knit blankets for new residents.”

“Over 25 years of experience have taught us that today’s seniors want to lead lives that are meaningful,” says Greenbaum. “That’s why at Heritage Pointe our residents have helped us to create a vibrant community in a Jewish setting. A setting that values learning and offers great kosher cuisine, world-class care and a lifestyle centered on friendships, fun and activities.”

So come check out all the wonderful new things going on at Heritage Pointe. You’re sure to make a few friends that you’ll do doubt have trouble keeping up with.

Tracey Armstrong Gorsky is a contributing writer to Jlife Magazine.


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