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A Discovery of Self

5_More_Stories_HP_0118COMING TO HERITAGE POINTE has been a wonderful eye opening experience for me. A discovery of self. Living here made it possible to unlock feelings and bring to the surface what I am capable of giving and what I want to give. Because of the diversity of residents’ needs I became more compassionate and understanding of others. Who I am and what I could do for others.

I was given the opportunity to be the editor of our residents’ newsletter allowing me to hone in on my computer skills, my writing, my humor and to feel young and useful. Recognition and compliments from my friends and the staff gave me a confidence second to none.

I do not believe I will ever be a very religious person, but Heritage Pointe made

me aware of my heritage, the Bible and reinforced the importance of doing good. I think of G-d as I have never thought of G-d before. I have gained greater insight to the tragedies of the Holocaust being surrounded by friends who have lived through and survived the Holocaust.

First-hand stories that you can’t possibly capture in books or movies. Their stories have made me realize what is important and what is trivial.

The stories I now tell my granddaughter have so much more meaning. Stories that taught me how to feel on a deeper level.

I have become aware of my surrounding and what Heritage Pointe has to offer. A library that brings the world to my doorstep, a gym that keeps me fit, classes that keep my mind sharp and creative. Entertainment that makes me laugh.
On a trivial note. Heritage Pointe has also made me aware of my image. I truly enjoy putting on make-up and selecting what to wear. When living alone one tends to be less concerned about their appearance which can lead to depression. Perhaps not so trivial after all.

All this and much more one can gain at Heritage Pointe.

Moving here has been a new adventure with surprises at every turn.

Marilyn is a happy resident of Heritage Pointe.


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