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A Joyful Noise

It was a beautiful night filled with song and prayer with families and friends.  Amy Robinson played the piano along with Cantor David Reinwald on the guitar for their CD release concert.  Each released a CD recently.  They played their own separate songs; as well as songs they had collaborated with on each other’s albums at Temple Beth Sholom in Santa Ana.
Robinson also had some friends from Shir Energy – the Young Leadership Division (YLD) singing group – who participated along with her in the concert.  They were both joined with a few others who also sang on their albums: Leeav Sofer and Cantor Marcia Tilchian.
Amy Robinson’s album is called “Prayer Song.”  She has ten amazing songs on the album, all from Theism, except for Kedusha Chant, which comes from Tehillim and Neviim, which most would know from the Siddur. She started recording the album in March of 2011 at Josh Friedman’s studio in Orange County.  Seven of her songs are original and the other three she licensed and translated to Hebrew.
From the time that Robinson was a little girl, she felt that she had always connected to the Psalms.  She said the Tehillim became a natural language for her.  In her adult life she would pick some verses she liked and would practice those words, sing and use them for meditation.
“Mi Li” is a song Robinson specifically connected with, because she would question God about “Who is mine?” specifically, “Where is my Bashert?”  She found her answer and realized that for her it was Hashem (God).  The song is a duet, and she sings it with the talented Leeav Sofer.  Robinson said that this whole process was such a joy, especially the concert, so she could finally get to sing her songs live and share them with the community.  Robinson is the creator and director of Shir Energy, which has been around for a little over a year and has had eleven performances so far.  She is a first-year cantorial student at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Los Angeles, studying under Cantor Nate Lam.
Cantor Reinwald’s album is called “Here I Stand,” and it has seven beautiful songs on it.  Cantor Reinwald, who is currently in his second year at Temple Beth Sholom, has been a cantor for six years.  He has been composing the songs for his CD over the last five years and is so excited that it has finally all come together.
Reinwald said that it was interesting to him to see how his songs grew over the years and how working in the studio really helped his songs grow.  He was happy to work with Josh Friedman, the producer of his album “because Josh really helped bring out the true vision of what I was looking for,” he explained.
At the concert the cantor was really trying to recreate the sounds from the CD.  He truly feels that music can impact lives in a greater way and that it is very powerful, not just for him, but for others in the community.  His album was released on September 28, 2011, as well as going live on I tunes and many other music download sites.  Recording his album took about two to three months, and he was in the studio for many hours, he said.
The proceeds from Reinwald’s album are being donated to a few different organizations.  Several that he mentioned were the Orange County Food Bank, Trevor Project and the Gay and Lesbian Straight Education. Those are just a few, but he has many others in mind.  This was a long journey for Cantor Reinwald, but he finally did it, and he is very proud of what he accomplished.  He is still not done and would like to make more music for the community, he said.


  1. Thank you for the article! A few corrections (sorry)… The songs on “Prayersong” all come from Tehillim (Psalms) – not “theism”…?, and Kedusha Chant is from the Kedusha liturgy in our prayerbook. Cantor Marcia’s last name is Tilchin, and she performed at the concert but not on the album.


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