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0416goldendreidleThis past High Holidays I needed a kittel (a white shroud like coat); so I looked on line but wasn’t sure about the size since they are made primarily for men. Not wanting to buy something and then go through the hassle of returning it, I suddenly thought of Golden Dreidle. Might they carry them, I wondered?

I entered the store and, as always, was warmly greeted by Julie Ghodsi. I asked if they happen to carry kittels. “Of course,” she replied. “We’re a Judaica store. Why wouldn’t we?”

Why wouldn’t they indeed. In fact, anything one may want or need to purchase in the realm of high-quality Judaica, from ritual items to chew toys for dogs, you will find at Golden Dreidle. You can find a world of Judaica by going from wall to wall and aisle to aisle.  One customer called it “a Jewish department store.”

The front of the store always displays items of the season. When I was there, just before Passover, seder plates, and cups of Elijah and Miriam adorned the shelves. There were Passover toys, books and more than 50 Haggadot for customers to select. And let’s not forget Passover puppets and symbols of the plagues.

Along one of the walls hangs an extensive collection of tallitot, from traditional designs to works of art. And if you don’t see what you want, you can order it. “We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service,” said Shahrokh Ghodsi.

The store owned and operated by Shahrokh and Julie Ghodsi has been the place to go for anything Jewish for the past 25 years. They moved to their current location in Irvine in 2006, after fifteen years in Costa Mesa. “Our customers have said it’s a very comfortable place” added Julie.

I can certainly attest to that, since I love to wander through the store and check out all the newest items. In addition to the exquisite work from artists like Michael Aram, Nambe, Lily Art, Gary Rosenthal, Emanuel, Tamar Baskin, Jerusalem Stone, CJ Art and the Quest Collection, on this visit I discovered the work of Mark Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum, a glass artist, offers a unique treatment of the broken groom’s glass. Using the shards, he creates distinctive, artistic works utilizing traditional glassblowing techniques. Classical shapes, iridescent colors and interior designs are combined to provide a unique approach to create a variety of objects: vases, bowls, Kiddush cups, candle sticks and other object d’art. His beautiful work is displayed very close to other ceremonial wedding items. Golden Dreidle also offers an extensive selection of ketubot; engaged couples can go to www.shopketubah.com to see the many samples. And of course, they can be personalized. Need a Chupah, you can get that as well.

Sometimes I find a reason to stop by the Golden Dreidle. “Oh,” I say to myself, “I need some greeting cards, or wrapping paper or maybe another dreidle to add to my meager collection.” And off I go to explore what is new at the most complete Judaica store around.

Florence L. Dann, a fifth year rabbinical student at the Academy for Jewish Religion in LA has been a contributing writer to Jlife since 2004.


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