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A time to Celebrate

Tolerance Education Center Honors Founders

When the Tolerance Education Center opened in Rancho Mirage in 2009, it symbolized a new era in educating the youth of Riverside County on a topic not always covered adequately in junior and senior high schools.  It was feared that the lessons of the Holocaust would be lost for future generations.  Earl and Shirley Greif, desert residents, were not going to allow that to happen.  Greif, a Holocaust survivor suffered far too much in his life to allow the memory of the years he spent on the run from the Nazis  for it  to be for naught.  In the tribute book his wife, Shirley, penned the words, “Hold  fast to the dream, fly with it; we know that miracles are real, like love, the miracle that lights our way and guides us through the  dark.”  Nearly 200 people attended the event honoring the founders.

Anti-Defamation League Visits Rancho Mirage

The goal of ADL in its 100th year remains firm, “Imagine a World without Hate.”  The enduring mission of ADL, founded in 1913 as one of America’s civil rights and human relations agencies dedicated to combating anti-Semitism is steadfast.  A “Chai” reception held on February 28 at the Rancho Mirage residence of Joyce and Henry Freund featured Barry Curtiss-Lusher, ADL’s national chair, as the guest speaker.  The focus of this chapter in the Coachella Valley has outreach projects such as one involving educators from schools throughout the Desert area training titled “Echoes and Reflections – Holocaust Education for the 21st Century Classrooms.”

Visit the Tolerance Education Center at
Visit ADL at www.adl.org.

Pamela Price reports on the Coachella Valley at blogs.forbes.com/pamprice


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