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About Us

We started publishing Jlife (a.k.a Orange County Jewish Life) back in 2005. We have been the proud voice of Jewish Orange County ever since.

Our Goal

Our goal is to display the variety and vitality of Jewish Orange County. We attempt to do so by covering all demographics of our diverse community.

How Do We Do It?

We do it by selling advertising. Some may argue that it is a rather difficult task, given the current economic environment and the shift from print to online and digital media. However, we believe that there is still a place for print full-color glossy lifestyle magazines with interesting content.

Our Philosophy and Commitment to You

Customer The customer (advertisers/readers) is not always right but he/she are always THE customer. We will understand their needs and concerns. Product We will create a magazine that is the most creative, rich in content and thought provoking. We will be in the forefront of design because people DO judge a book by its cover. This will be done in the most professional manner so that our product will be ascribed with the desired qualities. Focus In order to do the best job of those things we decide to do, we will eliminate all of the unimportant opportunities.

What’s Next

Read us, advertise with us and simply let us know where we can improve. Enough said! We will let the magazine speak for itself.

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