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All Aboard the Moishe House!

0115chesterMoishe House Orange County (MoHo) is the definition of community for Jewish adults in their twenties living in O.C. With residents living in the house who are zealous about a vibrant community, and members who are fervid about attending MoHo events, excitement pours into and out of this unique Costa Mesa home.

The majority of our community who frequent MoHo are already aware of the many benefits associated with the free programs run by this grassroots non-profit: opportunities to foster meaningful relationships with like-minded peers, a venue to attend events where expressing creativity and engendering Jewish identity is commonplace and the warm feeling of having a “home away from home.”

In fact, “some of the most active, involved members are people who moved to Orange County from a different city, because they had heard about MoHo in their home town, and were looking to connect,” said current resident Ron Benporat. “This house offers the opportunity to open the doors for community members, especially when immediate families are not near by. The MoHo is a family itself.”

MoHo’s very exciting news is that it has decided to expand its creative brainpower from the residents to the community. The MoHo residents believe that their house is, and should be, whatever the community wants it to be.

They have decided to establish a community board to help host events to better reach the Jewish community. This also means more innovative experiences for Jewish young adults that reach a larger portion of the community.

The MoHo board is comprised of community members who come to events, and share in the vision of what MoHo can do in O.C. The residents want MoHo to be built by the community and the board’s goals are the following:

1. More original and diverse events. The residents have particular interests, but board members bring their own experiences and passions to the creation of new programs as well. This can lead to new and unique ideas.

2. MoHo’s vision, and that of its board, is to bring passionate people together to create something wonderful.

3. Friends. MoHo exists so community members can initiate friendships and have others to rely on.

4. Increase the quality of events, not simply raise attendance.

“Our peers are capable of directly influencing and creating the events they want to see,” said resident Sarah Van Zanten. “MoHo events have always been community centered. Through the new board, this effect will only intensify.”

MoHo is always open. If you are interested in coming to an event, or joining the Moishe House board, contact MoisheHouseOC@gmail.com.

Adam Chester graduated from UCSD with a degree in Clinical Psychology and is the NextGen Outreach & Engagement Coordinator at JFFS.

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