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Antisemitism in Dana Point?


Dear Editor,
  Unfortunately, antisemitism is alive and well in Dana Point, California.
  In September 2016, my wife and I purchased a unit in an eight-unit) condominium unincorporated association in Dana Point, California, located on the bluff above Strands Beach. This purchase represented a significant portion of our life savings and was part of our retirement plan.
  The homeowners association’s CC&R’s were from the 1960s. The HOA had minimal rules and regulations, no policies or procedures and was informally managed. In 2018, our next-door neighbor, who is also the HOA president, has been harassing, targeting and making antisemitic comments. The HOA resident’s stated goal is to force us to move from the community. Unfortunately, the other boards members’ silence is deafening and demonstrates their complicity. Further, the HOA failed to uphold its fiduciary responsibilities to investigate the matter or fairly seek a resolution.
  The following is a partial list of actual events that occurred:
1. From 2016 to the present, the HOA president’s wife has never spoken to my wife.
2. From 2016 to the present, the HOA president’s wife has spoken a total of 6-8 words to me.
3. In June 2018, the HOA president threatened to throw me off the balcony if I would not agree to move out.
4. July 2018, the HOA president told me that he knows people in Bakersfield that would hurt me if I would not agree to move out.
5. Throughout the period June 2017-present, the HOA president and his wife have continually taken pictures and videos of our family and guests. This behavior is disrespectful, obsessive, antagonistic, potentially illegal and clearly violates our civil rights and rights to privacy.
6. In April 2019, the HOA president told me that “you are the chosen people.”
7. In July 2018, the HOA president called me a pedophile.
8. In April 2019, the HOA president told my wife and I that “his wife is German and you know what that means”.
9. In April 2019, the HOA president told us that “no one likes you and we should move.”
10. In April 2019, the HOA president threatened to display his genitalia in our front window.
11. On Aug. 1, 2019, the HOA president was negligent by using unlicensed plumbing contractors flooding my unit, causing damage and legal costs (legal bill attached) along with a significant amount of stress and aggravation.
12. In August 2020, the HOA president intentionally cut our Cox cable/internet lines causing us to lose service for about five to six days.
13. In October 2019, my wife and I served the HOA and its Board with a lawsuit related to the antisemitism and the associated targeting, harassment as well as host other illegal actions.
14. At the October 2019 HOA community meeting, the HOA president told  the entire community that “The Linns are money grabbers and the lawsuit is their business model.” The term money grabber is a derogatory dog whistle for Jews.
15. As retaliation for filing the lawsuit, the HOA, to date, has fined us $51,000 related to matters covered in the law suit and related cross complaint.
  This uncivil behavior by the HOA and its president is not reasonable nor appropriate, is excessively aggressive, and unfairly targets us. We will not allow our civil and property rights to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of our property to be infringed. As a community, it is important that we collectively stand together to fight this growing problem and continually highlight these despicable events to shine a spot light on them.
 Sincerely, Gregg and Melanie Linn 


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