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Art as Community Affair

Creating art together as a family (and community) allows parents, children, families and the community to come together, bonding, sharing new creative experiences and possibly gaining better insights into each other.
    This includes the healing benefits of art, especially after the past two years of dealing with the pandemic and its effects on us all.
    Arts and crafts, for example, are a great way for youth to turn to their endless imagination while doing something productive and expressive through creativity.
    For example,  Diana “Miss Dee” Shabtai of Art Therapy OC led such a session this past Hanukkah with the Girl Scouts of Orange County and their families at an interfaith educational community event.
    Shabtai is a former Girl Scout herself,  so she was honored to be a part of the first-ever “Girl Scouts Celebrate Hanukkah” event, which was supported by so many in the community. More than 140 girls from across Orange County took part.
    Art as a family or community also encourages quality time together and this event was a perfect opportunity for that, along with it being a beneficial learning and educational experience with self-care and wellness time through art.
    Art is one of the best bonding experiences and allows for learning an entirely new skill and for a healthy, fun way to express creativity.
    Shabtai led the participants in learning about the menorah and creating a new craft experience. Participants made lovely colorful mosaic tile menorahs simply using tiles, glue and bolts. The girls learned that we all have common values and this was an opportunity to literally share and spread the light! This It was a beautiful example of how powerful, beneficial and therapeutic art and creativity can be.
    For details, contact Diana Shabtai, Psy.D., at diana@arttherapyoc.com. 


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